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Hi, I’m Qusay Hassanali, founder of ADOPT A TREE GREEN EARTH LTD and it is my mission to spread the green  together across the globe. 

And this is my story...
I have always loved planting trees and tried to be in touch with nature through scouting, hiking, community activities and camping with my family and friends. My dad used to love taking us camping to remind us how important it is to be one with nature. This is were my love for the outdoors grew.

Growing up, just outside the main city of Nairobi, I have seen and felt the climate and temperature change as the years progressed. Every morning as I left home and headed to school, the temperature used to be quite cold and as I looked in the direction of the city center it used to be foggy and misty - I just loved it! As I inhaled the clean and fresh air into my lungs it would send bursts of energy through me. The sounds of birds was melody to my ears.As years passed and as I approached the end of high school, things had changed gradually... No more misty cool mornings, It had changed to warm mornings, not so fresh air and I could see far past the city center. Even the sounds of the birds chipping early in the mornings had reduced.

That's when the realization hit me like a ton of bricks, that it was the effects of Deforestation, Urbanization and Pollution of the air which had lead to this. This has also been the leading cause of extreme loss of bio-diversity and extinction of animals and many plant species. 

I had always been planting trees as a scout and through my community group activities, but the extent of this problem
didn't sink in till now as I have come to see it's only getting worse and my grand children may have a very different world to grow up in. with the 'dot.com-indoor' lifestyle they might have very limited touch with nature and they may not realize what a wonderful and adventurous world awaits them outdoors. This is why I am so passionate to bring a change before its to late for all of us.

Our Aim is to make tree planting easy, achievable and affordable for individuals and organizations alike.

Our team will Plant, and Maintain & Protect the trees up to 2 years to ensure its greatest survival rate. We also tag and providing you with a GPS location for your adopted tree with regular updates and pictures as it grows.

Join me and assist me in my quest to plant at least a million tree's in the next 10 years.

I once read a very beautiful quote which resonates with my vision:

Those Who Plants Trees, Knowing That they may never sit in their shade, 

have Started to Understand the Meaning Of Life...