Some of our Aim’s and Objective’s:
Addressing Climate change, restoration of natural ecosystems globally by growing and conservation of trees which in turn effects the ecosystems

(fauna and flora) and including the human race. We plan to educate local communities on the irreversible effects of deforestation and showing them the health and economic benefits of growing them as opposed to cutting them down.

We achieve this by:
- Making it easy for you as an individual, communities or as a company(CRS) to give back to nature by Simply Adopting a Tree(s). Leaving all the taking care and maintaining work to us. We will plant and take care of your Adopted tree(s) health and giving it the best chance of survival.and take care of the trees for up to 2 years. All you have to do is Adopt - we will do the rest.

- Create Employment opportunities for the youth and local communities. 

- Educate and Empower communities. We believe educating people on deforestation and its impact on our environment and our future and to help implement innovative ideas on alternative solutions.

- Plant trees for harvesting fruits and natural medicinal products without cutting trees down. 

- Creating biodiversity and a chance for other animals, birds, plants, insects and other organisms which are at the brink of extinction hope for survival. 

- Create recreation centre's and theme parks for all to visit and get one with nature. Imagine a day where you, your family and future generation will sit under trees you planted and appreciated life and be in touch and appreciated nature.